Saturday, June 1, 10am EDT
Beach Appreciation
Beaches of Chikaming Township

beach hike

The Hikers will join hands again with the Chikaming Township Park Board for a beach appreciation walk between Townline Beach and Cherry Beaches on Saturday, June 1. The four-mile hike starts at Townline Beach and heads north, while observing the important features and changes to the beachfront. Chikaming Township Fire Chief Mike Davidson will join the group at Berrien Beach, where he’ll talk about beach and water safety and the township’s numbering system for locating people in emergencies. The Hikers will continue along the waterfront and over the boulders at Pier Street, and end up at Cherry Street, where the Cherry Beach Committee will give an update on its grassroots efforts to purchase an additional 400 feet of lakeshore and the critical dune included in the 2.6-acre Reed Beidler Trust property.

Directions: Townline Beach is at the end of Townline/Union Pier Rd. in Union Pier, and Cherry Beach is at the end of Cherry Beach Rd, just south of Youngren Rd. on Red Arrow Highway. Limited parking is available at the top of both beaches, so hikers are asked to check parking/shuttle details (coming soon) at beforehand.
Estimated Presentation Time: 10 minutes and 20 minutes
Estimated Total Time: 2 hours
Hiking Distance: 4 miles
Physical Difficulty: Moderate (a couple of streams and rock crossings)
Hike Leaders: Harbor Country Hikers Secretary Evie Rowley and Chikaming Townshop Park Board Chair Deborah Hall-Kayler
Bring: Bring your water bottle, sunscreen, comfortable shoes, a change of socks, a wide-brimmed hat, and two plastic bags to cover your shoes while crossing streams.

Monday, June 24, 6pm EDT

Walking the Camino de Santiago
New Buffalo Township Library
(Co-Sponsored with the Friends of the New Buffalo Library)


The Camino de Santiago is a network of pilgrimage routes leading to the shrine of St. James the Apostle in the cathedral of Santiago de Compostella in northwestern Spain. The traditional modern route begins in St. Jean de Port in France and continues across Spain to Santiago–a distance of 500 miles. In 2017, 301,036 people completed the pilgrimage. Join Mary Rooney, who has traveled the Camino five times, as she gives the history of the Camino and speaks about the practialities of walking the route, characteristics of a pilgrim, some surprising challenges, and the gifts of the Camino.

Directions: The New Buffalo Township Library is located at 33 N. Thompson St. in downtown New Buffalo.
Estimated Presentation Time: 1-1/2 hours
Physical Difficulty: None
Presenter: Mary Rooney



(Other hiking- and nature-related activities in the community)

Indiana Dunes National Park
For more information, call 219-395-1882

Fridays, 5-6:30pm CDT and Sundays, 10-11:30am CDT and 2:30-4pm CDT
Ranger-Led  Summit Hikes of Mount Baldy

Indiana Dunes State Park
For more information, call 219-926-1390