Saturday, September 26, 5pm Eastern
Waterfowl of the Marsh
Great Marsh Trail, Dunes National Park
Beverly Shores, Ind.

sandhill cranes

Surrounded by sand dunes and beach to the north and ancient beaches, moraines and more wetlands to the south, the Indiana Dunes Great Marsh is a nice birding hike with views of the largest wetland complex in the Lake Michigan watershed. We’re starting out later than usual in order to catch (we hope) waterbirds coming back to roost. (Sandhill cranes have been spotted in the marsh recently.) HCH President Pat Fisher will share some of the history of the Great Marsh, Beverly Shores and the migration story of sandhill cranes as he leads the Hikers through the trail. Dress for the weather, wear sturdy shoes or boots and insect repellent, and bring water and binoculars. Depending on the weather, there may be some muddy areas. HCH hikes observe social distancing guidelines and the use of face masks is required.

Directions: The Great Marsh Trail is located on South Broadway in Beverly Shores, Ind. From the Beverly Shores traffic light on US12, head north on Broadway. Watch for the southern parking lot and trailhead on the right, less than 1/4 mile from the light. GPS: 41.674781, -86.986735 (DD).
Estimated Presentation Time: 15 minutes
Estimated Total Time: 2 hours
Hiking Distance: 1.25 miles
Physical Difficult: Easy
Hike Leader: HCH President Pat Fisher



The Hikers will hold occasional Flash Hikes evenings, while it’s still light out, and weekends when there are no scheduled HCH events. These hikes will have no theme, no leader–just a walk in the woods with like-minded people.

The only notification of Flash Hikes will be by email to our list of members and others who’ve signed up for email notices of Hiker activities, and the emails announcing the Flash Hikes will go out two or three days beforehand. If you’re not on our email list and would like to be, send your address to As always, we look forward to hiking with you.

About Dogs…

Harbor Country Hikers welcomes dogs on our hikes, as long as they’re well-behaved and on leashes. Those who manage some of the trails we hike may feel otherwise, however, and they have the final word. Check with them before you bring the pooch. Chikaming Open Lands allows dogs in its preserves, as do the state parks. Chikaming Township Parks allow dogs. Berrien County Parks do not, nor do the New Buffalo Schools Nature Study Trails. Fernwood generally doesn’t, either, except on special occasions. The Dunes National Park generally allows dogs.

Other Hiking and Related Activities

Fernwood Botanical Garden and Nature Preserve’s gardens and trails are open, but occupancy is limited and advance registration is required for both members and non-members. Fernwood is open 10am-5pm Tuesday through Saturday, and noon-5pm Sunday. To register, go the Fernwood’s website, Buildings are closed and activities are on hold.

Indiana Dunes National Park–most beaches and trails are open. For updates, visit

Indiana Dunes State Park
Wednesday, September 19: Singing Sands Stargaze with the Calumet Astronomical Society. Call for more information.

Call 219-926-1390 for information about park activities.