Saturday, December 15, 10am Eastern time
Helping Birds Survive Winter
Harbert Road Preserve, Chikaming Township

birds in winter

When December rolls around, thoughts of outside creatures and their challenges in winter come to mind. Even though they fare pretty well on their own, there are times when food, water and shelter are in short supply. Join the Harbor Country Hikers as we explore how we can help our feathery friends survive any Michigan winter. Our venue will be Harbert Road Preserve, a great hiking trail in Chikaming Township. Dress in layers. Wear your snow boots, cold weather hat and gloves.

Directions: Harbert Road Preserve is just east of the I94 overpass on Harbert Road, south side of the street.
Estimated Presentation Time: 10 minutes
Estimated Total Time: 2 hours
Hiking Distance: 1.5 miles
Physical Difficulty: Moderate
Hike Leader: Pat Fisher, President, Harbor Country Hikers



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